Hello there! Welcome to my page.

My name is Thiemo Müller and I am a graphic designer who studied visual communication design in Krefeld, Germany. As part of my studies I went to Finland for an exchange year in 2012 to study at Kyamk University in Kouvola. During my time in Finland I started to work with  clients who brought me closer to the design experience.  While working with clients I involve them into the early design process to create something with which they can identify.
As my daily design tools I mostly use the common Adobe programmes like Photoshop, Illustrator & InDesign. Additionally I also work with Affinity Designer, Processing or the good old pen and paper. To give you an overview of my skills I created this useful and totally honest info graphic:


I have seen many designers use this kind of graphic to describe their skills. But to be honest: These diagrammes say nothing.  It is impossible to messure skills in numbers, because it will always differ from each task. Designers should show their work and base their capability soley on that. Every designer is different and cannot be put into a box.
 So please take a look at my work and see for yourselves.