Skills: Logo Design, Processing

This concept of a generative logo is a possible redesign idea for the finnish company Mustila. Mustila is a test site for exotic conifer species. Today it is an unique area of introduced horticultural plants in northern Europe. Because Mustila offers a great variety of plants I decided to create a logo that represents this exact aspect. The result is a logo which changes its appearance to create different sorts of trees. Combined with a serif font the logo connects the traditional company with a touch of modernism.

The Logo

The Mustila logo should be present, catch the observer’s eye and show immediately what Mustila stands for. The shown logo is set as  the standard logo, but since this is a generated design, there are many variations created by code. The code imitates the natural growing process on a grid by creating random variations of the original logo. As a result every employee will have their own logo to identify with but are still a recognizable part of the Mustila family.


Generating the logo



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